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1月23日澳大利亚Queensland大学Myron Zalucki教授学术报告的通知

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报告题目:Thirty odd years of research on Helicoverpa biology & ecology: “lessons from down-under”

报告人:Professor Myron Zalucki





        Professor Zalucki calls himself “an insect ecologist by ‘bent’ ”.  He takes an individuals-process based approach to the study of insect abundance and distribution. He uses various model systems to ask questions ranging from the effect of host chemistry on oviposition behaviour and early stage caterpillar survival, to the effects of learning on oviposition behaviour at a landscape level and the effects of climate on insect abundance. 

        He likes to work on Butterfly-plant interactions, particularly Monarchs and milkweeds. In addition, he has done a substantial amount of applied research on the ecology and biology of Helicoverpa spp, the major pest of Australian field crops, and more recently Diamondback moth, a key pest of horticulture. 

        He has published widely in international prestigious journals such as Nature, Ecology Letters, Proceedings of the Royal Society, Molecular Ecology, Oecologia, Journal of Applied Ecology, and Annual Review of Entomology.  

        He was recently elected as Follow of the Entomological Society of America in 2014.

        He served as the Chairman for the XXII Intentional Congress of Entomology. He has been serving as a member of the Council for International Congress of Entomology and an Editorial Board Member of Annual Review of Entomology.