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The College of Agriculture and Biotechnology (CAB) at Zhejiang University, with a history of more than 100 years, is one of the leading agricultural education and research institutions in China. Currently the College has five departments, including Agronomy, Plant Protection, Horticulture, Tea science, and Applied Biology, and nine research institutes established under the relevant departments, namely, Crop Science, Biotechnology, Insect Science, Pesticide and Environmental Toxicology, Vegetable Science, Pomology, Landscape Architecture, Tea Science and Nuclear-Agricultural Science. Furthermore, the College hosts one national key laboratory (Rice Biology) and three key laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture.
The College has long been holding the educational philosophy of cultivating all-round competence in students, seeking the truth and pioneering new trails in search of excellence, and is committed to developing future leaders in agriculture with an international perspective, stretching the frontiers of the biological and agricultural sciences to find solutions to our most pressing global challenges, and helping the people of the nation and the world improve their lives and livelihoods.
An atmosphere of “unity, diligence, practicality and creativity” attracts excellent faculty and students from all over the world to work and study in the CAB. Thus, I sincerely hope that you will be available to visit, work, or study in our college in the near future.
Welcome to the CAB, Zhejiang University!
College of Agriculture and Biotechnology

Zhejiang University