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    The College of Agriculture and Biotechnology (CAB) at Zhejiang University was established in July 1999 after four universities in Hangzhou merged to form Zhejiang University in 1998. The history of CAB dates back to Zhejiang Institute for Agricultural Teachers founded in 1910. During the long history over one hundred years, CAB keeps pace with the times and dedicated a lot to agricultural personnel training and agricultural science progress.

    CAB has five departments, namely, Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Protection, Tea Science, and Applied Biological Science, and nine research institutes established under relevant departments, namely, Crop Science, Fruit Science, Vegetable Science, Landscape Architecture, Biotechnology, Insect Science, Pesticide and Environmental Toxicology, Tea Science, and Nuclear-Agricultural Science. Currently, there are 225 faculty members (including 100 professors and 74 associate professors), 1958 full-time students (including 853 undergraduates, 637 master degree candidates, 468 doctoral candidates, and also 92 foreign students pursue a degree).

    Since 1999, with the motto of “Advancing front by Seeking the truth” and the goal of becoming a first-rate college, CAB staffs have been working hard to bring up top innovative talents with international perspective and heighten academic level. After generations of efforts, CAB has created outstanding achievements in discipline construction, talents cultivation, scientific research, social services, cultural inheritance and international cooperation, and it has become one of the leading national institutions in agricultural education and research. In the 4th national disciplines assessment 2017, both Disciplines of Horticulture and Plant Protection were rated as A+, and the discipline Crop Science was rated as A-. Moreover, the disciplines of Horticulture and Plant Protection were selected to participate in the national construction plan of Double First-Class initiative. According to the update ESI statistics, CAB of Zhejiang University ranked the 23th in the area of agricultural sciences of the world.