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Zhejiang University welcomes donations from enterprises, public institutions, organizations and individuals both at home and abroad. There is no word in the language of Chinese which can
express our sincere gratitude to all those who have shown concern and support to us.
1, Donors, despite the amount of the donation, will get a special receipt which is only used by charitable organizations. Paper agreements will be signed to make clear the amount, the intention of the donation and the commitment of the foundation. Meanwhile, the donors’ name will be filed in the honor list as a commemoration. The donation, if the donor permits, will be publicized through the media of the university (newspapers, magazines and networks).
2, Donors whose cumulative amounts of donation exceed 10,000 (RMB),will be awarded a certificate, a memorial tablet of donation and others (souvenir, titles…) by Zhejiang university.
3, Donations towards the construction of teaching buildings, the stadium or other infrastructures, the invitation of famous professors and scholars to give speeches, scholarships and fellowships, can be named after the donors or certain names the donors have assigned if the total sum reaches a certain amount.
4, Donors from home and abroad such as enterprises and public institutions, organizations or individuals, under the national laws, legislation, rules and regulations of the University, have the priority to get access to the teaching and research resources of the university and the right to cooperate and co-construct with the university.