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With the aim of becoming a first-class college and developing first-class disciplines, the Party committee of CAB has been working hard on the construction and innovation of the basic Party organizations. CAB set up a series of projects named “Service –oriented Party organizations” and “One Party branch, one brand”, in order to unite the teachers and students to create a harmonious college, and thus providing a strong organizational guarantee for the development of CAB.

  The main idea of ideological and political education of CAB includes “people-oriented and moral education first”. Adhering to the ideal and belief education as the core, patriotism education as the focus, basic moral standards as the basis, and comprehensive development of students as the goal, our college guides students to practice the socialist core values. With the system guarantee and party construction, our college actively promotes culture-guided and innovation-driven “four in one” integrated education system including “ideological education”, “science innovation education”, “practical education”, and “cultural education”.

  In 2016, the party committee of CAB was awarded “Advanced basic Party organization in Zhejiang province” and “Advanced basic Party organization of colleges and universities in Zhejiang province”.