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The college has 226 faculty members, including 81 professors, 79 associate professors, 90 doctoral supervisor, 67 master's supervisor, 146 faculty members with a Ph.D. degree and 14 with a Master degree. Among them, there are 2 Academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, 1 expert of "1000 plan", 1 expert of “junior 1000 plan” , 1 expert of “10000 plan” of MOST(Ministry of Science and Technology), 2 junior science and technology innovation talents of MOST, 3 Zhejiang Province-Accredited Special-Class Scientist, 5 professors of Chang Jiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education, 3 973 chief scientist, 1 nationally outstanding teacher and 8 Professors of Qiushi Scholars Program of Zhejiang University. 7 got the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.5 were honored as National Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Outstanding Scientists. 3 were supported by the Program for Trans-century Excellent Talents in University, 18 supported by the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, 3 supported by the key programs and 34 the General Programs of the 151 Project of Zhejiang Province. 3 research groups were selected as members of the Innovation Research Team Program of the Ministry of Education. The “Research team of fundamental research for biological control of agricultural insect pests” has been granted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China as a National Innovation Research Group. We also have four Zhejiang province key innovation teams and two "Agricultural Research outstanding talent and innovation team" of Ministry of Agriculture.