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College attaches great importance to social service work, adhere to the idea of "For the purpose of service, development in the contribution", around the goal of "based in Zhejiang, face the nation, towards the world”. We also organize teachers to participate in the new countryside construction. Since the founding of the college, more than 5000 person-time social services have been offered for ”SanNong”, i.e., agriculture, countryside and farmers; various kinds of training courses were offered for over 800 times and more than 40000 farmers have been trained; more than 50 demonstration bases for agricultural science and technology at national, provincial and county levels were established. In recent years CAB intensified its efforts to participate in building a new countryside by dispatching chief instructors and specialists to rural areas in Zhejiang province. We have sent 126 Zhejiang Sci-Tech Specialists, 19 chief experts of agricultural extension centers, 30 times of chief expert team. 1 person has been top ten prominent contributors in Agricultural Sci-Tech, and 4 awarded as “Outstanding Provincial Workers in Agricultural Sci-Tech”, 33 awarded as “Excellent Provincial Sci-Tech Specialist”. Serving the west has achieved initial results by cooperation with the southwest, such as tea industrial system construction of the three gorges reservoir area, rice-fish system model projects. We also make efforts to build modern agricultural industrial system. Since 2003, 13 professors were selected by the Ministry of Agriculture as the Chief specialists of modern agricultural industrial system in China; 2 of them were awarded as “Excellent National Sci-Tech Specialist”, 1 awarded as “National Agro-technology Extention pacesetter” and 2 awarded as “Excellent UNDP Sci-Tech Specialist”.