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Crop Sciences B&R family students participate in 10th International Chinese Tea Preparation Contest

Date:2018-04-28 Hits:97

Tea is a wonderful beverage which was first discovered and enjoyed in China for it's calming effects as a sign of humility and respect for nature.The unforgettable flavours of tea were experienced at the 10th International Chinese Tea Preparation Contest by Crop Sciences B&R family students, College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, ZJU held at National China Tea museum (Longjing Branch) on April 21st 2018. Approximately 100 tea growers from all over the country and 10 foreigners divided into the team of two members each took part in it. After climbing the welcoming stairs, a mountain full of green trees could be seen with the participants, sitting on the ground and exchanging tea with tourists. The students of Crop Sciences B&R family took part in a training session first under the supervision of mentor of the class Dr.Imran, to better understand the rules and regulations of the competition and to learn the etiquettes of Chinese Art of Tea making.

In the process of practicing the tea ceremony, students wholeheartedly tried tolook elegant and presented Longjing tea (grown in Hangzhou for more than a thousand years). Even though foreign students belonged to different countries having different personalities and backgrounds they learnt that the mutual love of tea bridges the cultural gap among them and Chinese locals. The students earned honorary certificates/shields as well as porcelain tea sets as gift hampers for participating and competing with the tea farming community members.