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Prof. Liu Shusheng’s team attends the ESA's 65th Annual Meeting

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From November 3rd to 8th 2017, two Ph.D. candidates and one postdoctoral with Professor Liu Shusheng went to United States for attending ESA 's 65th Annual Meeting. The Conference was held in Denver, Colorado and sponsored by the American entomological society; over 3500 scholars from more than 40 countries attended the meeting.

This conference covered virtually all fields of entomology, including insect genomics, plant viruses transmission by insect vector, insect physiology, insect toxicology, the interactions between plants and insects, insect CRISPR research, the interactions between insects and symbionts, and others. Over 1000 oral presentations and 1000 posters were presented during the conference. The presentations reported the most recent development in various fields of entomology and suggested future direction of research.

    Professor Liu Shusheng gave an oral presentation titled ‘Whitefly adult age and virus coat protein jointly determine transovarial transmission of begomoviruses’ and has good extensive discussion on the topic with many Colleagues at the meeting. Post-doc Wang Xinru gave an oral presentation titled ‘Replication of a plant virus in its insect vector is mediated by activation of c-Jun transcription factor’. Two Ph.D. candidates Zhao Jing and Guo Qi gave the oral presentations titled ‘Whitefly midgut wall affects the specificity and efficiency of PaLCuCNV penetration into vector hemolymph’ and ‘Comparison of transovarial transmission of tomato yellow leaf curl virus by seven cryptic species of the Bemisia tabaci whitefly complex indigenous to China’ respectively. After the presentations, the team had extensive discussions with colleagues at the meeting about the interaction between insect vectors and plant viruses. Participation in this conference not only helped us to learn the most recent developments in various fields, but also will promote international communication and cooperation.