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The Opening of Crop Sciences B&R Family ZJU

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  The Institute of Crop Sciences, College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Zhejiang University opened a new class “CropSciences B&R Family ZJU on 12th January, 2018. The executive vice dean of International College Prof. Shen Jie was the chief guest on the occasion. Prof. Shu Qingyao as the chairman of the program enlightened the purpose of establishing this new platform for the foreign students of the institute. He mentioned that International students are very important part of development resources, they will constitute a bridge of long term academic cooperation between China and their home countries. Prof. Wu Feibo, being the patron of the newly established class mentioned there are more than 55 International students from more than 13 countries from all over the world, in different degree programs of the college at the moment and this class will be a unique model of friendship in future. The director of institute Prof. Zhang Guoping said that we all are a part of one of the best academic and research institute of the country, hence we have great responsibility for our contributions in publishing high quality SCI papers in peer reviewed journals, following the law and rules and regulations of the country must be our utmost responsibility making our alma mater feeling proud of us. Prof. Zhu Shuijin the vice dean of the college of agriculture and biotechnology warmly welcomed the International students to join the platform and make it a great success. The class in charge Associate Prof. Dr.Imran shared his story of being the first ever foreign faculty member of the college and the university who graduated from ZJU, and winning many awards and titles for his alma mater ZJU, He encouraged the foreign students to keep on studying hard with responsibility and loyalty, nothing is impossible. He assured that he will also work hard to make this assignment and responsibility a great success. The student representative from Congo Mr. Jonas Lwalaba, Gayana Miss Devwattie Dass and from Bangladesh Mr. Alamin MD. expressed their pleasures and heartfelt thanks to the leadership of ZJU and the college for opening the new class. Prof. Shen Jie, The executive vice dean of International College threw light on the efforts of International College for giving the best academic exchange opportunities to the International students, He said we are one big family and in the family every individual shares his responsibilities to make the family happier and happier. He emphasized that the foreign students of the institute of crop sciences should seize this golden opportunity to achieve their academic goals and dreams, the International College, ZJU is their second home. After sharing a fruitful discussion and setting up the goals, the faculty members took a photo with the foreign students being a happy family.