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Ph.D. candidate Pan Haibo from Institute of Tea Science visits Alderson Broaddus University, USA for Joint Research

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Pan Haibo, a Ph.D. candidate from Institute of Tea Science visited Alderson Broaddus University from Aug.1st, 2016 to Oct.31st, 2017. Yi Charlie Chen’s laboratory which Pan Haibo visited in Alderson Broaddus University focuses on the anti-cancer effect of phytochemicals.

During the visit, Pan Haibo focused on the inhibitory effect of tea compounds against ovarian cancer. Tea compounds inhibited ovarian cancer and enhanced the inhibitory effect of chemotherapy drugs. Tea compounds could also inhibit ovarian cancer stem cells.

Besides, Pan Haibo helped Professor Chen on the experimental courses. Pan Haibo trained undergraduates in experiments and writing papers. Pan Haibo and the undergraduates attended 2017 WV-INBRE Summer Research Symposium with the papers. Through the joint research, Pan Haibo broadened horizons on experimental technology and scientific thinking and improved his English and living skills.