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Undergraduate students Chen Junpeng and Li Shuyue participate in the SUTD – ZJU student exchange program

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From Sept.5th to Dec.15th, undergraduate students Chen Junpeng and Li Shuyue from Institute of Landscape Architecture participated in the SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) – ZJU student exchange program. The communication between SUTD and ZJU plays an important role in the collaboration among ZJU (China), SUTD (Singapore) and MIT (United States).

SUTD, as a new engineering and design university, it provides a multidisciplinary and broad-based curriculum that focuses not only on technology and design education and research but also incorporates a variety of subjects in the social sciences and humanities. The university offers four bachelor’s degree programmes in ASD (Architecture and Sustainable Design); EPD (Engineering Product Development); ESD (Engineering Systems and Design) and ISTD (Information Systems Technology and Design). At SUTD, design as a discipline cuts across the curriculum and provides a novel framework for the research and educational programmes.

Fab Lab, which is a two-storey fabrication laboratory in SUTD harnesses the most advanced equipment and tools such as Lasor Cutting and Engraving systems, 3D Printers, Plastic Injection Molding machines, vertical sanders, etc. It services full day and provides a comfortable design ambiance for researchers and students to access valuable expertise and resources to transform their creative ideas into tangible products. Chen Junpeng and Li Shuyue chose to study in ASD (Architecture and Sustainable Design) pillar, they leant how computation facilitate the design and how to apply the computation skills in real design practice, they also studied and explored some cutting – edge design knowledge. Although this study journey was tough and hectic, they put effort and made great progress through the journey.

Through SUTD - ZJU exchange program, participants will expand their visions, improve their communication skills as well as enjoy the sceneries of garden city Singapore.