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Prof. Li Xian from Institute of Fruit Science attends the Sino-Indonesian Scientific and Technological Innovation Cooperation Forum

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On the invitation of the Indonesia Department of Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Prof. Li Xian from Institute of Fruit Science attended the opening ceremony of the Sino-Indonesia Joint Laboratory of Biotechnology by Zhejiang University and BPPT on November 27, 2017 in Indonesia Jakarta.

The opening ceremony of the joint laboratory is one of the important conference agenda of the Sino- Indonesian Scientific and Technological Innovation Cooperation Forum. It also marks the initiation of the three year action plan (2018-2020) of the signed scientific and technological innovation cooperation between Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the Ministry of Technology and Higher Education in Indonesia. At the forum, Chinese vice Premier Liu Yandong, Indonesian coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture of Puan Maharani, executive vice president of Zhejiang University, Song Yonghua and professors from College of Pharmaceutical Science, Ocean College, and staffs from the Sci-Technology Academy and International Relations at ZJU witnessed the establishment of the Joint Laboratory.

Zhejiang University has strong research ability and cross disciplinary advantage while Indonesia has rich biological resources and it ranks No.2 in the world for the natural plant resources. The collaboration between China and Indonesia in the research area of investigation of bioactive compounds found in natural sources and development of large health products by using biotechnology will promote the long-term sustainable cooperation between two countries.