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Teachers and students from Zhejiang University visit The University of Tokyo for the 2nd Joint Symposium on Integrated Bioscience

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During Nov. 29th to 30th, 2017, the 2nd Zhejiang University-The University of Tokyo Joint Symposium was held at Kashiwa, University of Tokyo, Japan. At 10 o'clock in the morning of Nov.29th, Professor Hiroshi Mitani, head of the Graduate School of New Sciences at the University of Tokyo, presided over the opening ceremony. Professor Hiroshi Mitani gave a warm welcome to teachers and students from Zhejiang University to visit the University of Tokyo and introduced the foundation and the main content of Zhejiang University -The University of Tokyo Joint Symposium, Hiroshi Mitani also look forward more and more exchanges and cooperation between the two schools; then, Professor Zhu Shuijin, the vice dean of College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Zhejiang University , delivered a speech to express sincere thanks to the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo who gave a thoughtful arrangement to this visit. At the same time, he reviewed the fruitful results of the 1st joint Symposium held at Zhejiang University and wished the Symposium a complete success this time. Subsequently, Professor Masahiko Kawamura introduced the pioneering life in the new field of cypress leaves.

At the symposium held on Nov.29th, nine professors from Zhejiang University and seven professors from the University of Tokyo made the keynote report. Participants carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on the theme of evolutionary genomics, the insect sex determination, morphological and nutritional selection behavior, biological perception, insect ecdysone synthesis regulation, fruit development mechanism, plant tolerance, rice pollen fertility and regulation, Biotechnology to remove cottonseed gossypol, human cognitive function, human differentiation mechanism, DNA repair mechanisms and other hot and difficult issues in current life science research.

Finally, Professor Zhang Guoping from Zhejiang University delivered closing speech, congratulating all the fruitful achievements made by professors from Tokyo University and Zhejiang University, and also welcomed the students and teachers from Tokyo University to come to Hangzhou and Zhejiang University in March 2019.

During the symposium, 20 graduate students at the University of Tokyo and 10 graduate students at Zhejiang University conducted a poster display. In the afternoon of Nov.30th, professors of both sides selected two best poster awards and according to the discipline orientation, professors from Zhejiang University visited the laboratories of professors from relevant fields of the University of Tokyo, and built the foundation for the one-in-one cooperation in the future.