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Studies from ZJU and Cornell revealed a new mechanism for controlling cell cycle progression and plant immune regulation in plant

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  Prof. Wu Dianxing and his collaborator Prof. Hua Jian from Cornell University reveled a new mechanism of MOS1 mediated regulation of cell-cycle progression and plant immune responses. This study reveals that MOS1, a modulator of multiple processes, interacts with TCP transcription factors to bind to the promoter region of plant immune receptor gene SNC1. And they directly regulate the expression of SNC1 to impact plant immunity. Its impact on cell cycle is also likely through TCP factors, and the CYCD3;1 could be a candidate downstream target. These findings suggesting a coordination of cell cycle progression and plant immune responses at multiple levels.

  This work was recently published online in The Plant Journal, entitled “MOS1 functions closely with TCP transcription factors to modulate immunity and cell cycle in Arabidopsis”. Ph.D students Zhang Ning and Wang Zhixue are the co-first authors, Dr. Shu Xiaoli and Prof. Hua Jian are the co-corresponding authors.