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Prof. Åke Strid from Örebro University visits CAB

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Prof. Åke Strid, Dean of the Faculty for Business, Science and Technology of Örebro University, Sweden, visited CAB with his colleagues from Oct. 21 to Nov. 42017. Prof. Xuexin Chen, Dean of CAB, met with guests. Prof. Shuijin Zhu, Deputy Dean of CAB, introduced current situation of CAB’s research and talent training to the guests. The visit was funded by NSFC-STINT corporation project. During their stay in China, Prof. Strid and his colleagues visited several laboratories of CAB, and fruit orchards in Zhejiang and Shanxi provinces. Prof. Yuanwen Teng and Prof. Åke Strid, PIs of NSFC-STINT cooperation Project, co-chaired the first NSFC-SINT joint seminar. In this seminar Prof. Teng introduced basic information of the project and research achievements of the pear research group of CAB, Zhejiang University. Prof. Strid delivered a speech entitled “UV for quality: Plants and UV light”, and also introduced the research field and achievements of the Biochemistry Laboratory in Örebro University. Other members of both laboratories from ZJU and Örebro University also made oral presentations involved in fruit coloration, dormancy, food quality etc.

Professor Åke Strid, a renowned Swedish scientist, got his PhD in biochemistry at Stockholm University, Sweden. Recently he focuses on light response of plantsto ultraviolet signal and plant vaccine. He has published papers in reputed international journals including Plant Physiology, Plant, Cell & Environment, Plant Biotechnology Journal and Trends in Plant Science, etc.