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Professor Sun Chongde and his group visit Kasetsart University in Thailand

Editor: Date:2017-10-23 Hits:41

From Sept.18th to 21st, Prof. Sun Chongde, associate prof. Zhang Bo and Dr. Li Shaojia from Institute of Fruit Science visited Kaset-sart University in Thailand.

During the visit, Professor Jingtair Siriphanich of Thailand Agricultural University introduced the current research progress and three Ph.D. students, Petcharat NETLAK, Prichat Buaban and Pattamawan Anusornpornpong introduced their research work. The two groups held discussions and exchanges on the ongoing project Belt and Road Initiative for Scientific and Technological Innovation. Prof. Sun Chongde and Associate Prof. Zhang Bo gave suggestions on their research work. In addition, the two groups conducted regular exchanges and exchange of scientific research personnel, co-cultivation of doctoral students and cooperation in scientific research. The two groups held consultations and communication on jointly hosting of the China-ASEAN International Symposium on Postharvest Biology and Storage and Logistics Technology.

Accompanied by Prof. Jingtair Siriphanich, the delegation visited the Chatchawal Orichid Company in Thailand. The company is one of the technology demonstration windows of Thai Agricultural University. Its main business is transnational fresh logistics of Thai fruits, vegetables and flowers. Chatchawal Telavanich, head of the company, introduced the R & D technology field, the current situation and future prospects for scientific and technological cooperation of the company, and led the delegation to visit the company's production line. At the same time, the two groups discussed and exchanged ideas on the current status of logistics technology and the development needs of the Thai fruit market in Thailand and China.

With this visit, two groups have deepened mutual understanding and expanded their areas of cooperation, which is conducive to promoting cooperative research and completing the expected research tasks and achieving sustained and common development.