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Prof. Teng Yuanwen and Dr. Bai Songling from Institute of Fruit Science attend the ISHS meeting

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During August 27th to 31st, 2017, Prof. Teng Yuanwen and Dr. Bai Songling attended “International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) 13th International symposium on plant bioregulators in fruit production” held in Kashiwanoha, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The theme of the meeting is labor saving/high value-added/high function fruits. The main topics in this symposium covered thinning and alternate bearing, flowering and fruiting, tropical fruit, vegetative growth, ripening and postharvest physiology, biochemical and molecular aspect, dormancy and crop production.

During the symposium, Prof. Teng delivered a speech entitled “studies on pear parthenocarpy induced by using exogenous plant growth regulators” which introduced successfully induced parthenocarpic fruit by using GAs and other plant regulators and potential value of this technique as an alternative to artificial pollination in labor-saving pear production. Dr. Bai introduced his research by a poster entitled “CPPU treatment induces the red coloration of fruitlet of ‘Cuiguan’ pear (Pyrus pyrifolia)”.

Before the symposium, Dr. Bai visited Aomori Prefecture and Tsukuba Prefecture along with other symposium participants. During the visit, they investigated the production of apple and pear and visited the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science.