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13 teachers and students from institute of landscape architecture go to the United States for a summer camp

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During July 18th toAug.1st, 2017, 13 teachers and students from institute of landscape architecture went to the United States to attend an international summer camp on the east coast for fifteen days, which not only broadened their horizon, but also updated their design ideas, receiving good feedback from students.

In the nearly half a month of life abroad, they had been to Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C., appreciating different styles of landscape design project in the United States. At 7 o 'clock every morning, they got up and were ready for a new day. Because of the tight schedule, they walked more than 20 kilometers each day, even so they have persevered and gained a lot.

For some students, this American landscape training camp was the first time abroad and also their first attempt to explore the wider world in unfamiliar countries. Instead of sticking to the monotonous campus life, students enter the society and have some scintillating conversations with people work and live there, which stimulates their brilliant inspiration. One of the students really has some particular feelings. In her opinion, she has been impressed by the large population of American city park. Different from the park in China, there are so many people running in the park, or having a family picnic, or enjoying their gossip time, which compose a harmonious natural picture. The landscape of these people and human activities fully shows the value of the site, the city park, and the vitality of the whole city. While walking on the street in the United States, all the students are attracted by the local building also depict a blueprint for future Chinese landscape in the bottom of their heart.

To gain insights in walking and to share insights in communication. Students participating the project have a meeting with some professors such as Tom Paine, Jessica Leete and a professor teaching in Harvard University. This has broadened the international vision of students, encouraging students to think more around the world.

After going back, the students reviewed their summary. In early November, they are also going to show their experience, sharing some advanced ideas with other teachers and students to make the training more meaningful.

Written by Ge Chen