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Dr. Xiang Xun from Institute of Vegetable Science visit Kiel University

Editor: Date:2017-10-01 Hits:43

Invited by prof. Cai for a research staying at the molecular phytopathologie lab, Dr. Xiang Xun from Institute of Vegetable Science visited Kiel University in Germany from August 1st to 22nd, 2017. They have discussed about the research cooperation proposal aiming at the exploration of the role of small RNAs in the plant responses to the nitrogen fertilization. Dr. Xiang Xun has done some experiments and taken participating in the seminar.

During the stayingProf. Cai showed Dr. Xiang Xun the way in some detail how the undergraduates practice teaching methods are in Kiel University, which is pretty helpful to the project of laboratory work in Universities of Zhejiang Province (YB201731). She also brought some books and tools about garden horticulture back.

Dr. Xiang Xun visited VIB-UGENT Center for plant systems biology in Gent University, Belguim during the public holiday.