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Prof. Guoping Zhang was invited to present a special report at 18th ABTS

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The 18th Australia Barley Technical Symposium (ABTS) was successfully held in Hobart of Tasmania at Sept. 3rd to 6th. The Biennial ABTS has been enjoying a high reputation in the global barley science since 1983. On the 18th ABTS, 43 oral presentations (including 6 specially invited reporters from UK, Spain, Canada and China), 14 elevator pitches were presented and nearly 100 posters were exhibited.

Prof.Guoping Zhang (College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Zhejiang University) was invited as a special reporter to present his report entitled “Identification of Elite Tibetan Wild Barley and Their Use in Breeding”. Meanwhile, his two graduated students, Ms Qiufang Shen and Lu Huang also gave the oral presentations titled with ‘Adaptive Strategies to Salt Stress in Wild Barley’ and an elevator pitch titled with ‘Molecular Mechanism Underlying Salt Tolerance in Marine Barley Revealed by Transcriptome and Metabolomic Profiling Analysis’, respectively. In addition, Dr. Yong Han, an alumni of Zhejiang University (Supervised by Prof. Guoping Zhang) and now the poster doctor of Murdoch University, also presented a wonderful report.

(Institute of Crop Science)