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Academic Forum for the 120th Anniversary Celebration of Zhejiang University - The Lecture of Prof. Angela Douglas

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On March 17th, Angela Douglas, the Daljit S. and Elaine Sarkaria professor of Cornell University, gave a wonderful lecture “Insects that Live with Intracellular Bacteria” in Zhejiang University, for the 120th anniversary celebration of Zhejiang University. Prof. Liu Shusheng chaired the lecture and Prof. Chen Xuexin, the dean of College of Agriculture & Biotechnology issued a certificate of appreciation for the guest.

Prof. Angela Douglas joined Cornell University in 2008 as the Daljit S. and Elaine Sarkaria professor of Insect Physiology and Toxicology. She is a fellow of the British Entomological Society and the American Entomological Society, and a member of Editorial Committee of Annual Review of Entomology. Her studies focus on Drosophila-gut microbe interactions, metabolic coevolution in cooperative symbioses and novel targets for insect pest control. She has published papers more than 220 peer-reviewed papers in Nature, Nature Review Microbiology, Nature Communications, PNAS, Cell Host Microbe, Molecular Ecology, The ISME Journal, New Phytologist, mBio and other academic journals.

   During the visit, Prof. Angela Douglas carried out a series of academic activities including face to face interactions with many teachers and students and offered valuable advice on various issues of our research. She also shared with us her experience of and views on how to be a scientist.