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Prof. Lin Fucheng receives “AATSEA Outstanding Research Award in Fungal Biology”

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   On November 26-27, the 5th International Conference on Integration of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development 2016 (ICIST) was held in Myanmar. Over 200 scientific researchers from 16 countries attended. Prof. Lin Fucheng and Prof. Zhang Chulong from Institute of Biotechnology were invited to attend the conference.

ICIST provides the opportunity to discuss the recent advance and development in science and technology with the theme: Water conservation, Biological Diversity, Food and Agriculture.

Prof. Lin Fucheng’s research group focused on functional genomics research of Magnaporthe oryzae, resource and biodiversity of endophytic fungi, plant disease control, and municipal solid waste treatment and reutilization. In the awards ceremony, according to Prof. Lin’s excellent achievements and continuously contributions on fungal biology, he was awarded the “Outstanding Research Award in Fungal Biology” which awarded by Association of Agricultural Technology in Southeast Asian (AATSEA), the organizer of the conference. Then, Prof. Lin made an academic report titled “Progress in prevention and control of rice blast disease”, he introduced the current situation about the rice blast, revealed the pathogenesis of the Magnaporthe oryzae, indicated domestic and foreign efficient control measures about rice blast, and his group’s research process in blast prevention and control.

In addition, the poster “Understanding the Functions of Root Fungal EndophytesThe Ascomycete Harpophora Oryzae As a Model Case” designed by Prof. Zhang Chulong had attracting extensive attention, which won the “Best Poster Award”.