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Fruit Quality Biology research confirms chilling tomatoes spoils the flavour of fruit

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The modern commercial tomato is widely perceived as lacking flavor and is a major source of consumer dissatisfaction. Postharvest practices are major contributors to poor flavor, particularly the commonly used practice of chilling fruit. Many consumers store purchased fruits in refrigerator, further contributing to flavor deterioration. In addition to the economic impact of flavor quality loss, the tomato fruit provides an ideal system in which to examine the effects of environmental stress on a genome scale.
The current volume of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published an article entitled“Chilling-induced tomato flavor loss is associated with altered volatile synthesis and transient changes in DNA methylation”found that when a tomatoes are stored at the temperature kept in most refrigerators, irreversible genetics take place that erase some of their flavor forever. Dr. Bo Zhang from Fruit Quality Biology of Zhejiang University is the first author, Qiushi Chair Professor Dr. Harry Klee from University of Florida is a corresponding author. Transcripts for some key volatiles synthesis enzymes and the most important ripening-associated transcription factors are greatly reduced in response to chilling. These reductions are accompanied by major changes in the methylation status of promoter regions. Transient increases in DNA methylation occur during chilling. Our analysis provides insight into the molecular mechanisms of tomato fruit flavor loss caused by chilling.
        This work was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program, Program of International Science and Technology Cooperation Grant, and the New Star Program from Zhejiang University.