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American SCEP Team Visits the Tea Science Department for Scientific exchange and communication

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On October 17, 2016, at the invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China (MOA), the Scientific Cooperation Exchange Program (SCEP) team from the United State, accompanied by the officer from the International Communion Service Center of MOA, visited the Tea Science Department of College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Zhejiang University, for scientific exchange on tea cultivation and tea field management.
American SCEP Team consists of five members: associate professor Chen Yan from Louisiana State University, Mr Jason Alexander Macdonald - the director of the Great Mississippi Tea Company, Professor Harold Brent Pemberton from Texas A&M University, Dr Jason Walter Stagg from Louisiana State University, and Chair Professor Zhang Donglin from the University of Georgia. They were warmly received by the vice director of the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology professor Wang Yuefei, the vice director of Tea Science Department associate professor Lu Jianliang, associate professors Xu Hairong, Zheng Xinqiang, Chen Ping, Li Bo and Dr Ye Jianhui from the Department of Tea Science.
Ms. Chen Yan and Mr. Macdonald Jason respectively gave presentations on Tea production and management in the Unite State and The productive practice report of the Great Mississippi Tea Company. Associate professor Lu Jianliang introduced the basic information of Zhejiang University Tea Research Institute and recent research achievements. Associate Professor Xu Hairong gave a presentation about the difference of tea planting between China and America and relevant measures. Afterwards, the two sides had a free talk on soil, irrigation, and pest management in tea production. In the afternoon, associate professor Chen Ping gave a presentation on Chinese tea and tea culture. American friends also appreciated the famous tea in China and enjoyed a tea ceremony performed by Zhejiang University students' tea art team. This event enhances the academic exchanges and communication on tea science between Chinese and American universities, and further promotes the development of tea industry for both countries.