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High oil and good quality new rapeseed variety Zheda 622 released by Prof Zhou Weijun’s group at CAB

Date:2014-03-24 Hits:441

High oil content and good quality new rapeseed (Canola, Brassica napus) variety Zheda 622 (previously named Y622), selected by Prof. Zhou Weijun ’s research group at CAB, has recently been approved by the Variety Approval Committee of Zhejiang Province, China.
Zheda 622 was screened from the composite cross [(double low line 322 / Gaoyou 605 line 361) F5 // double low line 109] together with microspore culture and field evaluation as well as quality assessment.  This new cultivar has high oil content (49 %), good quality (erucic acid content lower than 0.1 %, and glucosinolate content lower than 20 µmol/g), high yield (11.7 % increase in oil yield production than the control cultivar Zheshuang 72), better disease resistance and adaptation.  With the yellowish seed coat, Zheda 622 has the maximal fatty acids and protein contents, plus the pure oil with pleasant smell.
Previously, a serial of high oil, good quality and disease resistant rapeseed varieties including Youcai 601, Gaoyou 605 and Zheda 619 have been released by Dr Weijun Zhou’s research group.  With the development of suitable production technologies, cultivar Zheda 619 acquired the highest rapeseed yield (3637.5 kg/ha) in Zhejiang Province in 2011.  These new rapeseed varieties and production technologies have significantly promoted the sustainable development of rapeseed industry.