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A face-to-face activity between young returnees professors and freshmen majoring in Applied Bioscience

Date:2014-03-19 Hits:444

On March 14, a face-to-face activity between young returnees teachers and the freshmen majoring in Applied Bioscience was successfully held in Baisha.
This activity got great support from different specialties of the college. These young returnees professors came from agronomy, horticulture, plant protection, tea science and applied bioscience. They talked with the freshmen about the topics such as "whether to go abroad", "where to further their studies" and so on, by sharing their own growth stories and experience of studying abroad.
The communication started with an introduction of the young teachers. Zhao Ye, an outstanding one, graduated from Applied Bioscience, published his first science work in Nature during his Ph.D study. He shared his experience of research. While Chen Ping and Ye Jianhui from tea science, attracted the attention of many students with vivid descriptions; Chen Yun from plant protection showed the importance of plant protection in modern agriculture by introducing several major research directions. These guidances are particularly important. We believe the activity can help students make a better choice about their academic career.