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Undergraduate students of Agronomy department visit the University of Melbourne

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     International visit and conferences, especially in undergraduate period, is one of the most important goals for undergraduate education through the Outstanding Student Training Program and International Premiere Partner Cooperation Program of Zhejiang University, immensely contributing to broaden global horizon and promoting academic level.

According to the results and performance of the Student Research Training Program, Student Technological Innovation Program, Undergraduate Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program of China, and Outstanding Student Training Program, the Agronomy department selected 10 outstanding and excellent students from undergraduate class to visit the University of Melbourne along with Professor Jiang Lixi and Associate Professor Imran. With the cordial reception of International and Relations Office and Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, the 12-member Agronomy 1301 group was informed as the first group to visit Melbourne University after the interschool cooperation agreement, signed by the Secretary Jin Deshui of Zhejiang University.

Within the visit in Australia, all the students attended an international conference, BRASSI CA 2016, which combines the 20th Crucifer Genetics Conference and the 19th Australian Research Assembly on Brassicas, including lectures delivered by many famous professors in Genomics and Molecular Biology field as well as a trip, in Victoria States, to visit a large test field of Australian Canola, warehouses for fertilizer and pesticides, following by a few big farms, which made a deep impression on the visitors for its huge scale of the farmland and high level of digital management.