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Teachers from Institutes of Vegetable Sciences Attend the 13th Solanaceae Genomics Conference in Davis, CA, USA

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In 2016 (Sept. 12 to 16), the 13th Solanaceae Genomics Conference was held in Davis, CA, USA. This conference was hosted by UC, Davis and more than 300 scientists and researchers from all over the world attended this conference. The theme of this conference is “From Advances to Applications”. The scholars from the areas of genomics, heredity and evolution, systems biology, defense/stress tolerance, and plant growth and development discussed the recent progresses in Solanaceae crops research. Furthermore, the scholars discussed how to transfer novels findings in the cutting-edge research into practical agriculture applications in the context of global climate changes. Professors Zhou Yanhong and Shi Kai, and associate professors Xia Xiaojian and Zhou Jie attended this conference. During the conference, Professor Shi Kai made a poster describing her recent finding that high CO2 levels induce resistance to bacterial speck through promoting stomatal closure in tomato plants. From this 4-day conference, four teachers from Vegetable Sciences learned much knowledge and got hints of further research.