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Prof. Bao Jinsong visits the University of Manitoba to conduct a collaboration project

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   During July 9 to Aug. 25, 2016, Prof. Bao Jinsong visited the University of Manitoba, Canada, to conduct a collaboration project upon invitation by Prof. Trust Beta of Department of Food Science. The collaboration project focused on the identification and analysis of genetic diversity of carotenoids from rice and maize. Prof. Bao established the extraction method for identification of carotenoids from cereals, and analyzed the genetic diversity of carotenoids from brown rice and maize, which allows conduct genome-wide association study to identify genes underlying the biosynthesis of carotenoids.   

Meanwhile, Prof. Bao introduced the DNA genotyping method into the lab to facilitate identification of maize and millet landrace. During the visiting, Prof. Bao also visited the Canadian Wheat Board Centre for Grain Storage Research, a famous research center for grain storage in the world, and discussed with Dr. Fiji Jian and Prof. Zhang Qiang of Department of Biosystems Engineering about the current advances in rice storage and potential collaboration in this field. Prof. Bao also visited Department of Human Nutritional Sciences and discussed with Prof. Rotimi Aluko about the current research status of bioactive peptides in health and disease prevention.