Of crop adversity Molecular Physiology and regulation

Genotype differences in order to evaluate the main crop tolerance to abiotic stress factors (resistance), filter, and create specific germplasm to resolve genotypes tolerant differences of physiological and molecular mechanism and clone genes for research, in recent years,heavy metals (Cd), aluminum toxicity (acid soil), salinity, waterlogging and abiotic stress tolerance screening and mechanism of crop resources has made remarkable progress, and achieved a number of specific germplasm build the DH population,patience identification and the germplasm screening technology platform and production and technical measures to mitigate the damage of stress, to establish a close working relationship with the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and the laboratory, published more than 60 academic articles, more than 30 of which SCI paperspapers and been a National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation at home and abroad have a certain comparative advantage. The research areas of two professors.