Department of Agronomy, founded in 1910, its predecessor is Zhejiang Agricultural faculty to develop the agricultural disciplines, Zhejiang Province in 1914 to establish a school of agriculture agricultural disciplines established in 1929, Zhejiang University College of Agriculture Department of Agronomy, 1958 faculties adjustment,establishment of the Zhejiang agricultural College (later the Zhejiang Agricultural University), set up the Department of Agronomy; after the merger of the former Zhejiang University and four universities in 1998, the establishment of the College of agriculture and Biotechnology, located since the Department of Agronomy. See Zhejiang University Press Zhejiang University, College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, School of History 1910-2010 part of Agronomy Department of History.

    Department of Agronomy has a crop science discipline doctorate-granting, a post-doctoral programs; crop science under the two disciplines crop genetics and breeding and crop cultivation and Farming system of the first has the right to grant master and doctorate-granting one of the units, including crop genetics and breeding is now a national key disciplines, crop Cultivation and Farming System for the provincial key disciplines. Seed Science in the country has significant advantages and features, the first in the country to begin developing seed science graduate, is currently the only country to cultivate the seeds of discipline doctorate units. Agronomy built Institute of Crop Sciences, staff of 38, including 16 professors, a doctoral tutor 14, 12 associate professors, part-time Academy of Engineering, a national cross (new) century talents, Zhejiang Province 151 Talent 7 people.

    Many domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars for the academic development of the Department of Agronomy Agronomy one hundred years since its establishment, has made important contributions. A long time, the Department of Agronomy, inherit and carry forward , Endeavour school spirit, vigorously develop high-quality expertise, training all kinds of graduates approximately 5000, of which more than 200 master's and doctoral students, more than 100 foreign students. After construction has been built in the early nine specialized laboratories with advanced equipment to form a rational structure, capable staff, and the quality of teaching and research team has achieved fruitful results, in terms of teaching, research and agriculture through science and technology. Agronomy now bear the national 973 project, a number of research projects of the National 863 Program, National GM project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China projects.