Bioinformatics and quantitative genetic

Genomics and bioinformatics methods to carry out functional genomics gene mapping, evolution; basic theory and application of basic quantitative genetic asked the important genetic models and innovative statistical methods. Bioinformatics, Genetics, PLoS ONE, TAG, BMC Genomics internationally renowned publication published a series of papers of some of the analytical methods and genetic models have been widely used domestic and foreign scholars. Crop genome functional genomics and evolutionary analysis of the quality of genetic and heterosis analysis, crop stability and stress tolerance analysis, evaluation of genetic resources diversity, quantitative trait gene mapping the field of international advanced level of research, so that China's bio-informatics learning and quantitative genetic research in related fields walking in the forefront of the world. Due to the characteristics of the field of research, the direction of the international exchange close cooperation frequent; with other disciplines (including medicine, widespread cooperation of flora and fauna and microbiology); interdisciplinary graduate of the direction apart from the field of biology, but also from the computer, statistical, mathematical and other disciplines. The research field of three professors.