Establishment of Zhejiang University the agronomy Education Development Fund Initiative letter

Department of Agronomy, Zhejiang Agricultural created from the 1910 faculty to develop the agricultural disciplines, centuries Passing the torch blue with mercy, Xuluo Yun, Yu Kuang Wang Liqing, Wang Shan Chuen, Lu Shougeng gold Shanbao, Xu Zhi Feng Purple Gang, Sun Fengji predecessors has taught in my department, made a great contribution to the development of our department. Training more than 5200 types of students (MA, PhD more than 500, more than 150 foreign students) around the world, active in agricultural colleges and universities, research institutes, government agencies and technology promotion department for China Foreign Agricultural specialized personnel training and to promote scientific and technological progress in agriculture and socio-economic development and make its due contribution.

September 15, 1998, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University, Zhejiang Agricultural University, Zhejiang Medical University, four schools merged to form the new Zhejiang University, Department of Agronomy as a whole part of the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology. I was built at the same time the Institute of Crop Science, have the doctorate, a post-doctoral programs; crop genetics and breeding and crop cultivation and Farming Department of the first with a master's degree-granting disciplines, Crop Genetics and Breeding countries level key disciplines, crop cultivation and Farming as a provincial-level key disciplines, seed science has significant advantages and features, the first in the country to begin training graduate students.

Agronomy one hundred years since its establishment, our alumni, many domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars Agronomy discipline development has made important contributions. Over the years, the Department of Agronomy, inherit and carry forward the ethos of, Endeavour, in all aspects of personnel training, scientific research, social services has made remarkable achievements. Looking to the future, in order to better train and bring up a number of agricultural circles reserve personnel, and promote the further development of the disciplines of agronomy, especially the establishment of Zhejiang University agronomy Education Development Fund.

The funds will be used primarily I am teaching, education, career development, including funding love agronomy, excellent academic results of poor students complete their studies, reward excellent performance of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, and support agricultural discipline construction and personnel training the project. The Fund is under the Zhejiang University Education Foundation, a special fund earmarked and accept the supervision of the leadership of the School Foundation and the vast majority of alumni.

I am the majority of teachers to respond positively to the establishment of the Fund, I am very grateful to you both at home and abroad alumni and enthusiasts interested in agronomy development to actively funded. Or certificate that will be provided to the donor, according to the annual number registration, compiled into a book. The amount of donations more than five thousand yuan donations in the Department of Agronomy hall wall burn units or individuals. Also welcome donors person or entity named scholarship, teaching awards and grants and other special funds. Your support will encourage students to complete their studies in reading, to achieve greater results.

Intended that the Fund was formally established on May 21.

Zhejiang University, College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Department of Agronomy

March 1, 2011