Undergraduate Education 

     The Department of Tea Science, Zhejiang University, devotes to cultivation of talents with wide international vision, solid scientific and liberal backgrounds, and comprehensive competences in foreign languages and professional skills. The fundamental knowledge in tea and food science as well as agricultural science equips the talents to engage in modern agriculture, industry, business, administrative management, dissemination and development of new technology as well as teaching and research both inside and outside the major.

    The specialized courses include tea biochemistry, tea breeding science, tea cultivation science, comprehensive utilization of tea resources, tea processing engineering, tea business, tea sensory evaluation and quality appraisal, and business administration for tea industry.

    After three years of study in Zhejiang university, “3+1”cultivation program is available for brilliant students to pursue their study in world famous universities such as North Carolina State University, US and The University of Leeds, UK. The students are awarded a bachelor degree of Zhejiang University and a master’s degree overseas.