Professor Gao Zhong Shan’s group reported new progress in selection of low Pru p 3 allergenic peach varieties


On November 11, 2019, Allergy published a research paper entitled Selection of Pru p 3 hypoallergenic peach and nectarine varieties by the group of Professor Gao Zhongshan. This study quantified the content of Pru p 3, which is the major allergen of peach, in 103 peach varieties. Combined with immunocytochemical localization and skin prick test, Pru p 3 hypoallergenic varieties Zi Xue Tao, Wu Yue Xian, and Hu You 278 were selected. In addition, it was found that the late-ripening peach varieties with yellow flesh, high aroma and sugar content, usually contained more Pru p 3. While for the early-ripening varieties with red flesh, low aroma and sugar content, contained less Pru p 3 relatively. This research has selected a few hypoallergenic varieties for peach allergic patients, these varieties were also recommended for further clinical trials.

PhD student Jin Jing and master student Gao Ling are co-first authors of this article, Professor Gao Zhongshan and Dr. Li Xiongwei are the corresponding authors. The collection of some peach varieties were provided by Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhengzhou Fruit Institute, Horticulture Institute, etc. This research was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Science and Technology Committee Rising-Star Program and The Key Project for New Agricultural Cultivar Breeding in Zhejiang Province.

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