The Department of Horticulture at Zhejiang University was founded in August, 1927. It was founded by Mr. Wu Gengmin, the founder of the Horticulture discipline in China. In 1952 when the colleges/universities in China were reorganized, the departments of horticulture in Anhui University, Jinlin University and Najing University were emerged in the department. The department moved from Huajiachi Campus to Zijingang Campus in 2011.The department currently has 55 faculty and staff, 29 of which are professors, 11 are associate professors, 44 received Ph.D.

The department was one of the earliest departments founded in the discipline of horticulture in China. Originating with the visionay leadership of the master Wu Gengmin and the contributions of later professors, including Xiong Tonghe, Li Shuxuan, Shen Dexu et al, the department has acquired an excellent reputation in China as well as some international recognition.

The discipline of Horticulture in the department now covers three secondary-level disciplines, i.e. “Vegetable Science”, “Fruit Science” and “Landscape Architecture”, one Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture, one key Laboratories of Zhejiang Province. The discipline of Horticulture is currently supported by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, and Zhejiang Province. At present the “Vegetable Science” hosts the national key discipline, “Fruit Science” hosts the Zhejiang provincial key discipline. Our departmentbear the national 973 Program, national 863 Program, national Key Technology Research and Development Program, national Natural Science Foundation of China et al.

After generations of efforts, Department of Horticulture has created outstanding achievements in discipline construction, talents cultivation, scientific research, social services, and international cooperation et al, and it has become one of the leading national institutions in horticultural education and research. In the 4th national disciplines assessment 2017, Discipline of Horticulture was rated as A+. Moreover, was selected to participate in the national construction plan of Double First-Class initiative.