Students majoring in Horticulture will be trained to become qualified individuals who are knowledgeable in the fields of life science and modern agricultural techniques, cultivation, breeding, postharvest handling, and nutrient and function of horticultural crops, and will have sound fundamental theories and practical skills in agronomy as well as an open-minded, international vision .These graduates are well competent to the various positions including teaching and research, technology development and application, industrial management and administration.

Landscape Architecture

     The discipline of Landscape Architecture will train students to become qualified individuals for engineering and techniques of landscape planning, design and construction of all kinds of scenic areas, forest parks, gardens and green spaces in cities and towns, or for breeding, cultivation, maintenance and management of landscape plants. The students will be equipped with basic theories of ecology, landscape plants, landscape planning and design as well as the skills of painting, architecture and engineering. They are required to have comprehensive knowledge of humanities and art, planning and design, biology and environment, architecture and engineering. An extra examination for painting is required in the first semester.