Dr. Yanna Shi Visits Cornell University


This visit was invited by Jim  Giovanonni from Dec 9th to Dec 25th in 2018. During the visit,  Yanna and professor Giovanonni finished the manuscript describing LOB1 regulating fruit cell wall  metabolism and exchanged ideas about future joint research activities on  LOB1. Professor Giovanonni also  invited Yanna for longer visit in the following year.

Through  communication with people in Giovanonni lab, Yanna got the information of new  sequence technology which are becoming popular now. Such as the 3′ RNA-seq  method, which yields only one sequence per transcript. In contrast to  traditional RNA-Seq, 3′ RNA-seq has simpler library prep protocol, lower cost,  less sensitive to RNA sample quality, 96 libraries per lane. Data analysis  requires a reference genome with good annotation which is perfect for model  species, like tomato. Also DAP-seq which might be a replacement of Chip-seq.  Besides Yanna took part in the Endia Blunt’s final defence and visited the green  house of Boyce Thompson institute.