Teachers from Institute of Landscape Architecture led the team to visit Hyogo prefecture university in Japan for academic exchange


At the invitation of Prof. Shen Yue, Director of the Department of Landscape Design, Hyogo Prefectural University, teacher Chen Yunwen, Shen Chaodong and 4 graduate students from the Institute of Landscape Architecture went to Hyogo Prefectural University in Japan from January 23 to 29, 2019. During the visit, the Department of Landscape Design of Hyogo Prefectural University expressed the desire for long-term cooperation and exchange with our institute, and welcomed more teachers and students to exchange and interact.

The visit focused on the teaching topics and content in both schools, in the form of theme reports and field trips. Under the leadership of Professor Shen Yue, Teachers and students of Zhejiang University gave an in-depth understanding of the elite and professional curriculum development plan of Hyogo Prefectural University, visited and inspected the landscape planning and teaching base of the Awaji Island campus. It is impressive that Hyogo Prefectural University combines teaching with practice and creates a more participatory landscape on campus.

The visit also surveyed historical gardens and iconic urban and rural landscapes in Hyogo, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and other places, conducted a detailed investigation and analysis of the historical evolution, planning layout, design techniques, plant configuration and management and maintenance of Japanese gardens.

Photographs of teachers and students from both sides