Taking cultivated vegetables such as tomato, cucumber as the object of the research, this study focus on the mechanism of growth, differentiation, morphogenesis and molecular regulation of plant cells, organs, tissues under different environments (including controlled environment), and the physiological and molecular mechanisms of growth, yield and quality formation of major crops under different stress and optimized environmental conditions will also be studied and clarified. Different environmental optimization methods including phytochemical regulation and facility agriculture will be used to reduce environmental stress, improve the yield, quality and safety of crops, so that can provide the theoretical and practical basis for vegetable production. Main research contents:

1The formation pattern of continuous cropping obstacles and its prevention and control technology;

2Photoprotective mechanism and photosynthesis regulation of vegetable crops;

3The role of plant ROS signaling in stress resistance and its molecular mechanism;

4Fruit development regulation mechanism;

5Degradation pathways and regulation mechanisms of pesticide residues in vegetables.