Welcome to the Institute of Insect Sciences at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. Research and teaching in entomology at Zhejiang University has a long and distinguished history. The institute currently has groups working on research programs that span the full gamut from basic to applied and from molecular to ecological. As an institution accredited to be supported by the State “211 Programme” and “985 Programme” (two national programmes to grant special support to selected key universities and disciplines in the country), the institute now hosts the national key discipline of “Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control”. Graduate study has been developing very rapidly in the last 10 years. Currently the institute offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Entomology, Environmental Biology, and Plant Protection. The institute enrolls about 30 postgraduate students each year. The institute has been recognized as one of the top entomology institutions in China based on its outstanding students and academic staff, significant research achievements, good facilities as well as quality service to the society.

Over the years the institute has established extensive cooperative relationships both at home and abroad. The institute has enjoyed productive collaboration in multiple research areas as well as joint involvement in graduate student training with many entomology institutions in China. In recent years, the institute has had a number of co-operative research projects with the International Rice Research Institute, and several universities and research institutes from Australia, Canada and USA. Exchange visits have been frequent.

In the next 5-10 years, the institute has the following priority areas for research and development:

  • Insect systematics, evolution, and gene diversity

  • Biological Invasion

  • Chemical and molecular ecology

  • Insect molecular biology and deployment of functional genes

  • Transgenic insecticidal plants

  • Biological control and integrated management of insect pests