The institute is known for its strengths in research. Over the years the Institute has found its own characteristics in the following areas of entomological research:

  • Insect systematics, particularly systematics of Hymenoptera

  • Invasion biology and management of biological invasion

  • Chemical and molecular ecology, particularly tritrophic interactions in rice and vegetable crop systems

  • Insect physiology and molecular biology, particularly physiological interactions between insect hosts and their parasitoids, and functions of animal viral genes or insect genes and their interactions as well as their potential applications for human well-being

  • Conservation and utilization of beneficial insects in rice and vegetable crop systems

  • Integrated pest management in rice, vegetables, tea bushes, and mulberry trees

In recent years, the institute has conducted many high-status research projects, such as sub-projects of some “National Basic Research Projects”, state key projects and National Natural Science Foundation of China key projects. In the last three years, the institute attracted a total external funding of over RMB 10 million yuan each year. Every year over 100 articles were published in science journals, with 20-30 of them being published in journals indexed by the Science Citation Index. The institute has won 26 awards in scientific research from provincial and central governments since 1996.

With a floor space of over 2500 m2 of laboratories, the institute has many pieces of state-of-the-art equipment in microscopy, molecular biology, chemical analysis and behavioral observations, as well as spacious insect rearing facilities. The continued strong support from the national “211 Program” and “985 Programme” to our institute will allow the equipment to be regularly updated and the laboratories to be expanded in the years to come.