Graduate Study

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The Institute offers quality  academic programs for graduate students preparing for careers in  research, teaching, extension, business, or industry. The programs  include M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Entomology, Environmental Biology, and  Plant Protection. In the last five years, 35 M.S. students and 36 Ph.D.  students completed their study here and graduated with the intended  degrees from this institute. The institute currently has 45 M.S.  students and 55 Ph.D. students. In the last eight years, four  Ph.D.  theses from our institute won the awards conferred by the national “One  hundred excellent PhD theses from China” program, making our institute  outstanding in terms of the number of excellent PhD theses among the  institutes with similar disciplines in China.

The Institute currently recruits about 15 M.S. students and  15 Ph.D. students each year. The well-equipped laboratories in the  Institute allow all types of research from molecular to ecological.  Academic programmes may take the form of joint involvement from other  institutes or departments within Zhejiang University, or from other  universities or institutions from China or overseas. The students can  choose to work in any areas in Entomology, Environmental Biology or  Plant Protection, such as systematics and biodiversity, invasion  biology, physiology, molecular biology and genetics, insect-plant  interactions, insect ecology and behaviour, insect pathology, insect  toxicology, biological control and integrated pest management, plant  quarantine,  as well as urban and forest entomology.