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During Oct. 22-27, 2016, Prof. Bao Jinsong attended the American Association of Cereal Chemists International (AACCI) annual l meeting held in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Prof. Bao chaired the luncheon of the Rice Division, and co-chaired a symposium of “Recent advances on structure-function relations of rice and rice-based food”. In another symposium, Prof. Bao gave an oral talk on the Nutrient profiles and antioxidant activities of germinated brown rice and its food products. During the meeting, Prof. Bao also attended the editorial board meeting of Cereal Chemistry, a flagship journal of AACCI, and a reception dinner invited by the president of AACCI. More than 800 scientists attended the 2016 annual meeting. Upon attending the meeting, wide connections were developed and many scientific exchanges were conducted.