About INAS

About INASThe Institute of Nuclear-Agricultural Sciences (INAS) in ZhejiangUniversitywas founded in 1958. Pioneered by Professor Ziyuan Chen recognized Nuclear Agronomist and Academician of theChineseAcademyof Sciences, and based on tremendous efforts of several generations of scientists, INAS is a national leader in the field of Nuclear-Agricultural Sciences. She has successfully achieved the status of the national and provincial key discipline in biophysics and key laboratory in nuclear agricultural sciences of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture andProvinceofZhejiang. INAS is part of the ZJU post-doctoral training center. She serves as an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) exemplary training center for nuclear-agricultur...  MORE

Faculty View

  • Ziyuan Chen
  • Qingfu Ye
  • Dianxing Wu
  • JinSong Bao
  • Hai-rui Cui
  • Zhiping Wang
  • Lilan Hong
  • Xiaobo Zhao
  • Xiaoli Shu
  • Jian-Zhong Huang
  • Shengquan Shen
  • Haiyan Wang
  • Wei Wang
  • Lihong Chai
  • Zhiming Sun
  • Xiangli Kong