International business developer of Institute of Food Safety at Wageningen University from the Netherlands visited ZJU


On March 8th 2018, Researcher Piet Stouten, international business developer of the Institute of Food Safety (RIKILT), Wageningen University, the Netherlands, visited the College of Agricultural and Biotechnology, ZJU to discuss cooperation and exchange related matters. Prof. Xuexin Chen, Prof. Shuijin Zhu, Prof. Chongde Sun and Prof. Zhonghua Ma, Prof. Lixi Jiang, Prof. Zhongshan Gao, Prof. Jinghua Yang and Dr. Yirong Guo attended the meeting. After introduction of RIKILT and CAB-ZJU, discussion on strengthening academic exchanges and deepening scientific research cooperation was conducted. Furthermore, Piet Stouten visited the Institute of Pesticide and Environmental Toxicology and discussed with Prof. Guonian Zhu with the research cooperation on rapid detection of pesticide residues.