Teachers from IPET visit Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium for academic exchange


During Aug. 27th to Sep. 9th, 2017, Prof. Zhu Guonian, Associate Prof. Guo Yirong and Dr. Wang Qiangwei from Institute of Pesticide and Environmental Toxicology, went to the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium for academic visit.

First, they visited the Institute of Food Safety and Environmental Research Center in Wageningen University, the Netherlands. They exchanged the recent techniques for rapid detection of pesticide residue and pesticide researches related to ecological risk assessment in details, and discussed possible joint cooperative plans in the future. Then, they visited Syngenta Agricultural Technology Research & Development Center (Basel, Switzerland) and Syngenta Ghent Innovation Center (Ghent, Belgium), discussed the development of new pesticides and green technologies for pest control, and looked for potential cooperation prospects. In the end, they conducted the academic exchanges in Department of Bio-analysis from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Department of Crop Protection from  Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, in Ghent University, Belgium.

Through this visit, they deeply looked into the current researches on pesticide residue related to ecological protection and human health in EU countries, which promoted further cooperation with European Universities in the field of pesticide science.