ES&T Article from Institute of Pesticide & Environmental Toxicology selected to be featured in ACS Editors' Choice



    In recent years, biotoxin contamination in natural environment has become a new global problem andraised as a public concern. It has great threaten to environmental safety and public health. In paddy environment, transmission and infection of pathogens cause reduction of rice yield, more seriously, biotoxin produced by some pathogens not only damage rice quality safety but also disturb the balance of water and soil ecosystem. 

    Recently, Institute of Pesticide and Environmental Toxicology has made a new progress in the research of formation and distribution of typical biotoxin contamination in paddy environment. The paper entitled “Biotoxin Tropolone Contamination Associated with entitled Biotoxin Nationwide Occurrence of Pathogen Burkholderia plantarii in Agricultural Environments in China” has been published in Environmental Science & Technology, a renowned journal in the field of environmental science and ecology. It was also selected as an ACS Editors' Choice highlight article and reported at the home page of American Chemical Society.