CHENG Jia-an

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CHENG Jia-an

Name: CHENG, Jia-an
Title: Professor of Zhejiang University
Mailing address: Institute of Insect Science, Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University, Yuhangtang Road 866, Hangzhou 310058, China
Telephone: (86-571) 88982712
Fax: (86-571) 88982712

Major Research Interests:

  • Population/ community ecology and management of insect pests in rice ecosystem

  • Application of information technology for forecasting and management of pests

  • Urban entomology and plant quarantine

  • Tritrophic interactions between plants, herbivores and parasitoids

  • Development of functional genes from beneficial insects

  • Ecological risk assessment of transgenic plants

Research Activity:
            Main research activities have been focused on ecology and pest management. The main target insect species studied include rice planthopper (small brown planthopper, brown planthopper and white-backed planthopper), rice stem borers (yellow stem borer and striped stem borer), rice leaffolder, rice green leafhopper, rice weevil and rice water weevil. Since 1980's, more efforts have been put on using new technology, including chemical, molecular and information technology, to understand population dynamics and tritrophic interactions; develop pest forecasting systems and methodology for evaluation of natural predation in rice ecosystem. In the recent years, we are also conducting research on urban entomology, plant quarantine and molecular entomology. A computer system for domestic quarantine has been developed and a computer system for international plant quarantine is under development, cooperating with the University of Queensland, Australia. Several genes related to bioactive protein/peptides have been cloned and expressed.

Major research projects in recent years:

  • Molecular adaptation of insects to toxin chemicals and its mechanism

  • Development of remote diagnosis system for agricultural pests

  • Comparitive studies on biological and ecological mechanisms for outbreaks of three planthopper speices in rice ecosystem

  • Development and application of decision support and training aids for vegetable pests

Selected Publications:

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